Financing Information

Get affordable financing for your cosmetic procedure

Care Credit offers a variety of programs for patients with all types of credit histories to get the financing that they need.  At our office, we approve a greater percentage of consumers than other credit issuers – even patients with past credit problems can be approved.  If you’ve been denied credit before, then apply for financial assistance with us and our staff will be able to help you finance via a free phone consultation.  You are encouraged to phone us to discuss your financing options.

For more information or to schedule a FREE consultation, fill out the form located on this page by clicking on the “CLICK TO ASK” button, or give us a call today at 866-955-5530.  In addition, you can look up directions for both of our Orange County offices on our Contact page.

List of Plastic Reconstructive Surgeries that might be covered by Insurance

Abdominal Surgery: Improves or helps to eliminate ailments like back pain, sores, hernia, rashes, and can help improve the ability to walk.
Breast Surgery: This procedure can correct asymmetry, reduce breast size that is attributing to health problems, provide reconstruction due to loss, congenital absence (was born with only one breast), or reduce male breast size.
Eyelid Surgery: This procedure corrects drooping eyelids that potentially cause vision problems or correct eyelids that are turned in an abnormal way.
Facial Surgery: Balances the appearance of facial features caused by paralysis and treats deformities in the facial muscles, forehead, cheeks, and neck.
Ear Surgery: Proper Ear surgery can correct deformed ears by birth, disease, or injury.
Hand Surgery: This procedure can treat carpal tunnel syndrome, alleviate nerve issues, tendon injuries, fused fingers, or other hand issues.
Nasal Surgery: Nasal or Sinus surgery can correct deformities or issues with breathing.

We can confirm for you if your particular condition can be considered ‘reconstructive’ and help you with working with your insurance provider. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Financial Assistance Information

  • 90 days same as cash on most loans
  • Low interest rates for patients with good credit.
  • Reasonable interest rates for patients with past credit problems
  • Loan terms up to 60 months
  • Loan amounts up to $20,000

Affordable Financing

Dr. Kim offers a number of financing options for Beverly Hills, Orange County and Los Angeles patients that are looking for assistance in paying for their procedure. Financing is fairly common when it comes to elective surgery like plastic and cosmetic surgery and it was created for people don’t wish to pay-out-of-pocket, or tie up their traditional forms of credit with with surgical procedures. With proper financing, there is no need to push off having the procedure that you want because of an inability to pay for a specific treatment at that time. With financing, our patients can make very low monthly payments, spread out over a period of time so that the procedure does not become a financial hardship on themselves or their family.

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